Little Green School House (PDX)


     Lori Soltys is the owner and director of the Little Green Schoolhouse. She has a total of 20 years experience working with children in various capacities:

  • Licensed Teacher Pre-K through 5th
  • Master’s in Education
  • Certified Reading Specialist
  • Registered Occupational Therapist specializing in sensory motor integration
  • Certified Yoga Teacher with specialized training in Yoga Calm techniques
  • Art and Music background

     She has worked with children of preschool age through 5th grade from various socio-economic backgrounds, and with different developmental levels and learning needs. Lori strongly believes that all children are unique learners and flourish in their own special way.

     After working in the school system, the birth of Lori’s two sons inspired her to create the Little Green Schoolhouse, a nurturing learning environment where she learns and plays with a small group of children, combining her unique skills under her own roof. She loves to read picture books, sing and dance, practice yoga, and make art, and she strives to pass along that sense of creative passion to her pupils.